Monday, 18 January 2010

Archie's Palace

I think I can say I have finally completed my son's room - Archie is now 7 months old. I do however believe, much to much husbands dismay, that you are always adding and changing around things in your childrens rooms because how can one resist all the new gorgeous decorative chuchka's around town? Not me! My favourite piece is the wooden alphabet frieze which sits above his cot - he can recite the alphabet every morning!


amanda prinzi said...

Hi..your boys room is gorgeous! I have two boys and will have to do their new rooms up when we move to our new home...soon hopefully-renovating as we speak! where or how can i get the print of the bedtime routine in the tram scroll style? i also noticed in the Home magazine today you have similar ones in your master bedroom...did you make these or purchase online? would love to hear back from you about them. Thankyou, Amanda. email me on

.caroline armelle. said...

so cute! i would love to know where you found the bedtime routine print.

if you get a second.