Thursday, 4 February 2010

Keep It Fresh!

My brief for my clients daughter's room was 'Keep it fresh' - and I think I have achieved just that. The fabulous contrast of bright and light pinks combined with red is a new favourite of mine and gives the room a really contemporary feel. What girl wouldn't want this room!!!


little evie said...

Hi there,
I just discovered your lovely blog and I think your work is gorgeous!! Well done!! Where do you get all your lovely little dolls and softies from? Hope all is well in your world and keep the yummy pictures coming.
Steph :)

Little Liberty said...

I get them all from all over the world - they are all frond different crafters! Thanks for your lovely comments.

Bo med barn said...

Hi Nicole.

I just love the rooms you have done! Great work. I'll be visiting again:)


Free Pretty Things For You said...

it turned out perfect!!

Toni said...

I too think your work is just fabulous. I particularly love the room you created for your two girls, just stunning!
If you ever need artworks in particular colours be sure to let me know.
Love the blog :)

Anonymous said...

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Love your blog!!
xox Daneve