Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Indy's Wish Room Reveal Day - Sneak Peek!

Had the most memorable day today making a little girls dream come true. Here is a snap shot of how the room turned out - a video of how the room came together is coming! Thanks Daniel Hugh Manning my partner in crime and for all the wonderful thoughtful people who donated to this great cause. Special thanks to my lovely suppliers Abode Living, Sokol, Mandalay Designs, The Family Love Tree, Mondocherry, Sounds Like Home, Al & Em, Dulux, Colleve, A1 Pine Furniture, Phil Retman from RSquared, Gillian from Gillian Perry Foto (for taking photo's today and will also be producing the video) and Brian Strimling (my handyman extraordinaire!) for contributing to this special room. I
hope you dream sweet dreams tonight Indy filled with aqua butterflies ....

Here is a Herald Sun editorial piece on the completed project -


Jodie Pappas said...

Without a doubt, I have the two happiest girls in the world tonight ! What a day for of memories they will cherish forever. A heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful family, friends and beautiful strangers who donated and made this possible. Nicole and Daniel, wow, what beautiful people with even more beautiful hearts. The one thing we are thankful for to come out of our journey is the amazing people we have met that we wouldn't have otherwise, and this is a perfect example. There are no words adequate to express the thanks we have for bringing so much joy to our girls, especially our beautiful, brave Indy. Much love and happiness to you all xxxx

Little Liberty said...

Brings tears to my eyes Jodie! Such lovely words xxx