Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tween Triangle

I thought it was a long shot when I suggested to paint triangles on the wall to my client but much to my surprise she actually said yes! Then the difficult task came of planning out perfectly what sizes the triangles would be and how they would best fit on the wall ... that's where my trusty assistant came in very handy and designed the triangle wall art out precision perfect! On the day of painting the wall I have to be honest I was very nervous! But we got on with the job and started painting - my mantra was 'slow and steady' - and even though we were very slow not one mistake was made and the end result is this awesome room! My client was thrilled with the end result and I have to say the Little Liberty team was too!

1 comment:

Sally Henderson said...

Hi.. just wondering if the desk is custom made? If not could you share where it's from? Thanks, Sally