Monday, 10 August 2015

The Canvas Workshop

I LOVE ART ... and I love choosing new artwork for clients - Most of my mood board inspiration stems from selecting a piece of art first and then working the rest of the rooms detail around that piece. My clients budgets often vary so I like to have a range of suppliers to choose from - The Canvas Workshop (sister of United Artworks) is an awesome resource for affordable contemporary canvas art and is based right here in Melbourne! A great feature that The Canvas Workshop offers is the flexibility they can offer designers and decorators looking to customize works and designs for size and color – I also love the fact that they are produced right here in Australia which is an added bonus! I have used their artwork on several occasions in client spaces and have been really impressed with the quality, affordability and range. 

A really useful tool that The Canvas Workshop offers is an art ‘FREE PREVIEW’ service you can use with your clients where you can submit a room photo and they photoshop the artwork they are interested onto the image, so that they can visualise it in the space!
Pastels are really SO HOT RIGHT NOW and I love using them! I have a lot of teen and tween clients and they often want pastels in their spaces - My favourite four TEEN/TWEEN Canvas Workshop pieces at the moment are these ones below (Escalade, Prudent and Forceful, Ethereal Glow and Ice Formation)

Using the ‘free preview service’ I have been able to see how these prints will look in teen/tween rooms I have already designed. How cool is that!?

AND ... I even tried to see what it would look like at my place (whilst lounging about reading a magazine!) Not bad huh? It’s a great ‘try before you buy’ tool! Why not try out a piece of art in your house today for free - contact The Canvas Workshop or head straight to their FREE PREVIEW page!

To celebrate our new love of The Canvas Workshop, we have decided to giveaway one of these four prints to one lucky winner! Keep an eye out on out Facebook page for the post to enter!