Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Little Liberty + Adairs 2018 Autumn Range Style Series

I have just had the most fun collaborating with a couple of my all-time favourite brands, @adairs and @adairskids to create a variety of looks to celebrate the release of their 2018 Autumn range. I am so excited to share the final looks I created with some of their gorgeous new pieces!
I really love how on-trend, yet versatile their new season bedding is and how easily it works in with the different looks created with a variety of Adairs and Adairs kids pieces.

In the first girl’s bedroom look, I love the feminine hints, yet luxe feel created by utilising neutral dusty toned pinks and dark greys. To change up the vibe of the room, I switched out the dusty, darker tones, for softer pastel pinks and greys with boho elements to offer a much more relaxed, casual feel.

In the boy’s bedroom, the first look focused on adding industrial tones of leather, black and grey to create an edgy vibe, whereas by bringing in pops of mustard in the second look, you can see how those few retro hints really change the feel of the room to something a little more contemporary.
If you just have to have some of these pieces (I know I do!), they are available now on the Adairs website. 

Nicole X

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